Lost Devices

As advanced technology has increasingly become a larger part of the healthcare sector, smartphones, tablets, and laptops are more heavily utilized on a day-to-day basis. As staff work more frequently with portable technology, the risk of loss and theft increases. A lost or stolen device containing PHI can result in a HIPAA breach.

If your hybrid entity staff lose their laptop, tablet, or phone is lost or stolen, please report the incident to ITS and JOC as soon as possible. Please make sure to include the following information in your report:

(1) Name and contact

(2) Date of theft/loss

(3) Description of the theft/loss

(4) Description of information stored on the device


You can reach ITS at 319-335-6332 or it-security@uiowa.edu, and JOC at 319-384-8282 or compliance@healthcare.uiowa.edu.


Lost Devices FAQs

If you are a member of hybrid entity staff, and if the device stored PHI, UI email, or other UI systems, then you must report the loss or theft.

Yes, you may report a stolen device to law enforcement. Please also make sure to report to ITS and JOC.